Raskol Portfolio : better than the best funds!

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There are about 2 000 mutual funds that were created during the past 10 years. With almost 21% of annual benefits, my cumulative public portfolios (from early 2004 to mi-july 2013) have outperformed any other fund on the market. Note : I only invested in well-known stocks.




If you take a closer look at the best global funds of the past 10 years, you realize that they are far from being risk-free. The most performant on the market is the only one that peeked through the 20% annual-benefits mark. It evolves almost exclusively on the Indonesian stock market and is composed primarily of financial assets (well over one-fourth). Besides being hardly known from most occidental investors, it isn't a part of a real diversification marking strategy.




For my part, I am careful not to go over the 10% mark, that is to say one lign of investment per market sector. I exclusively work with stocks from the world's biggest stock market: Nasdaq. During my first 7 years of experience, I worked with “midcaps” French stocks; you can find my performances here http://pacman.nerim.net/thebull/?q=jtb/cj/2013/11 under the username “Raskolnikobimbo”. For the past 2 years, I've been focusing on Nasdaq. I went from “middle” to “heavy weight”.




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