Raskol Portfolio vs Nasdaq values : the widening gap

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In a developing market, my public portfolio exceeded the 20% benefits mark. If we draw a comparison with the 234 other values evolving within the same market sector (american growth stocks), we note that only onevalue did better during the past 7 months and that between January 1st,2012 and July 25th,2013, the gap on the side of Raskol Portfolio widened significantly.


A quick summary on a 19-month period compared to the best values of the stock market:



Raskol Portfolio: + 56.86 %

Legg Mason CB: + 44.64 %

Wells Fargo WF US: + 40.37 %

Goldman Sachs US: + 38.89 %


Calculation of profitability based on Raskolnikobimbo's public portfolios on Jeu The Bull (http://pacman.nerim.net/thebull/?q=jtb/cj/2013/7) and data provided by Morningstar.com for the values mentionned hereabove.

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